7:00-8:25am - Arrivals / Free Play
8:25-8:30am - Prepare for breakfast
8:30-8:45am - Breakfast
8:45-8:50am - Clean up from breakfast
8:50-8:55am - Group
8:55-10:25am- Free play in centers with some teacher direction.
10:25-10:35am - Clean up and prepare for Outside
10:35-11:25am - Outside
11:25-11:30am - Clean up for lunch
11:30-12:00pm - Lunch and transition to nap

12:00-3:00pm - Nap / Quiet Time
3:00-3:25pm - Clean up from nap/ Free play
3:25-3:45pm - Snack
3:45-3:50pm - Clean up / Prepare for outside
3:50-6:00pm - Outside time / Free time with some teacher direction

*Toileting occurs as children needs.
**Outside time is as weather permits.