TODDLERS (12-23 months)                             $145/weekly

EARLY PRESCHOOL (2-3 years)         

4 or 5-Days                                          $140/weekly

3-Days (same each week)                    $105/weekly

2-Days (same each week)                   $70/weekly

PRESCHOOL (3 ½- 5 years)                                                               

5-Days                                                 $140/weekly

3-Days                                                 $105/weekly

2-Days                                                 $70/weekly

SCHOOL AGE (5-12 years)

            After only                                            $70/weekly

            Early Release Days                             No additional charge

            Full days (TWDs/Holiday)                  $15 day additional

             Spring and Winter Break                    $140 weekly

            Summer Camp                                         $140 weekly

             Transportation                                       $5 weekly

​ Thank you for taking the time to consider All God’s Children CEC as the preschool program for your child.  We look forward to you joining the All God’s Children family.

Tuition is due on the first day of each week.
There is a $10 late fee that accrues the next day.
If tuition is not paid by the third day, the child cannot enter the program until all tuition and late fees are paid in full.
If the child does not return after one week and no payments have been made, we will terminate your child's enrollment.