Our Philosophy

It is our goal to provide a safe loving environment for each child. It is important to us to meet the needs of each individual child and their family. We want to nurture a love for learning by providing age appropriate curriculums and base our classrooms on the whole child. Each of our learning centers will allow the child to explore his or her own interests and abilities. We want to provide school readiness skill that will prepare each child for kindergarten.

We want to spend quality time with each child, knowing that we are the primary caregiver during the day, and taking that very seriously. We will let each child know that they are loved and valued and listen to what they have to say. We will show them affection through hugs and words of positive affirmation. We are a family centered facility and will always keep the lines of communication open with the home.

Families are strongly encouraged to participate openly in their child's care and their feedback is considered vital to what we are doing. We want to maintain a friendly, open and cooperative relationship with families.

We want to provide a quality service with high standards for our community, realizing that children are a gift from God and should be taken care of and treated in that manner.